Preserving Indigenous Knowledge by Reading & Writing Stories

Indigy is a place for you to share your research and experiences to create a lasting understanding of endangered cultures.

Tribes Around the World Face Extinction Everyday

370 million people, 5,000 tribes, and 90% of all languages are struggling to survive. Very few of these tribes have a way to preserve their legacy. We believe that protecting these cultures and giving them a lasting voice starts with a story.

Together, We Can Build Awareness for Change

We made Indigy to bring individuals and organizations together to exchange stories as a global community. We believe you have something to share, and together we can work to honor and preserve the diversity of indigenous cultures around the world.

Connecting Tribes, Projects & Organizations

Socially Documented Tribes

Document factual information & contribute stories about indigenous cultures as an individual or organization.

People-Centered Projects

Write and read project stories about indigenous cultures or join volunteer efforts around the world.

Collaborative Organizations

Join the community by contributing experiences of indigenous ways of life and connect with new individuals or groups.

Join Us Today and Share Your Story

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