What are the applications of GPS in the Automotive Industry

After leaving out hard maps and campuses, navigation became even easier with technologies such as GPS. The touch screen radio fixed to your dashboard is what carries your GPS receiver. Now then, how important is the GPS to you and your vehicle? Before we sink into answering these questions, let us first familiarize ourselves with the below prime words.

What is the touch screen radio?

This is a stereo device with a display that senses and responds to touch. This device is fixed to a vehicle’s dashboard and helps out in many convenience functionalities including the GPS navigation system, the radio, and media player, a Bluetooth receiver and many more features depending on the model.

What is GPS?

Orbiting the earth is a collection of about 30 satellites which make up the global positioning system (GPS) When you have a GPS receiver, be it a mobile phone or a touch screen radio, the satellites work together to determine your location and send back signals that travel at the speed of light. That is how your radio’s display shows a GPS map with your location.

Other than the touch screen radio which displays your GPS location and navigation, a GPS meant for vehicle racking reasons can be installed anywhere on the vehicle, especially hidden places for camo. So, now that we know what a touch screen radio and GPS are, let us now explore some of the important uses of a GPS in a vehicle.

1. Navigation

You are that genius to keep a record of all the roads you might want to use including new routes. A GPS receiver comes in when you are stuck to display your location on the radio touch display. You can have it marking your rout and keeping you n track through moving along with you. I am sure most of you have used the GPS navigation system of their car at least once. As long as you got that GPS receiver and you know the place you are going, just set your GPS through the radio touch display and get moving, isn’t that amazing?

During navigation, GPS presents you with amazing route flexibility through providing alternatives. For instance, if you’ve gone a wrong way, instead of going back, the GPS shall instantly find a rout that reconnects to your main channel.

2. For an antitheft and secure vehicle

Vehicles are a common target for bandits. Employers might want to know the location of their vehicles. The GPS system can easily be used to identify the location of a stolen vehicle that is if the vehicle had a GPS tracker. Amazingly, the GPS location of a phone in a vehicle can also be used to identify the location of the vehicle.

3. Important weather and traffic alerts

As you navigate using your GPS in reading the weather and traffic patterns of the place you are or going to in real-time. What this means is that you get updated with crucial weather or traffic status which allows you to prepare in advance. You might have to dodge a road with traffic jams or slow down your speed and use the lights in a fog covered road.

Quick vehicle recovery

In case a vehicle with a GPS tracking system gets stolen it shall be easy to locate and find it. The more time you take to recover a vehicle, the more the chance that you’re gonna find only the parts. A GPS ensures that you reach your vehicle before t is turned into spares.

Easy fleet management

For the owner’s fleets of vehicles, the management of each vehicle can be tough. However, with the GGPS technology, you get to know which vehicle is at what point and at what time. For instance, vehicle sellers use GPS to know the location of a particular vehicle in a fleet.

Fast and efficient emergency response

You might be in the middle of nowhere with a failed vehicle. In such a circumstance, your GPS shall help you know our exact location and also call for help with exact location information. Now, assume that there was no GPS, how do you get help? You shall have to wave down a good Samaritan before opportunist people or animals fall on you.


When the GPS receiver software is installed on your touch screen radio, then you are safe secure and on track. I cannot imagine how life might have been without GPS technology for the part of vehicles. Picture a driver pulling up to ask a pedestrian about his or her destination and consequently afterward following it with little success! Or a vehicle getting completely lost from its parking position without any tracking clue left to the owner. The GPS is one time saving and efficiency improvement inventions that are serving this error and shall serve the future in a more developed and smatter way.


Your New WordPress Website Need These Plugins

For any new WordPress website, key plugins such as the Yoast is what spices up the website to make it fully interactive and scope oriented. What is needed for this plug-in is just a simple click to install and setup operation?

That seems simple, but you got to take your time and analyze your website type, and its needs. A business website, for example, shall need its own unique plug-in that a simple personal website could do without. 

There are a number of plugins available with free or paid plans and developed by different publishers. Each function you need to perform on your WordPress website shall have a number of plugins waiting to bail you out. However, you need to do some extra research to decide on the best type to go with for your website. Today, I take the time to reveal to you the top best WordPress plugins that are a must-have for your website. Let’s get to the task.

Yoast S.E.O

For a WordPress website owner to administrator and publisher, on-page optimization doesn’t sound complete without the inclusion of Yoast S.E.O plug-in. This easy-to-use plug-in makes sure you nail all the on-page optimization that shall see you rank better and also ensure a user-friendly experience.

The plug-in guides you through the whole process by checking and identifying on-page S.E.O glitches in your drafts including readability analysis to ensure you got your text flowing logically to guide the reader, some of the issues it highlights are; Your sentence length, you’re heading distribution and paragraph alignment among many.

The S.E.O analysis highlights some on-page S.E.O issues on your drafts. It checks to ensure you nail the text length, keyword distribution, images and their alt tag inclusion among others. This is truly a plug-in a serious website should not miss.

Use WP Super Cache to speed up your website

WP Super cache the WordPress plugin to speed up your website. The traffic of your website shall very much rely on how fast your website loads. This free plugin gives the webserver access to an easy static HTML version of your slow WordPress PHP scripts. The result is a faster speed hence reduced the bounce rate of visitors.

Updraft WordPress Back-up

I consider updraft one of the most important WordPress plugin due to its function. This plug-in ensures you got insurance of the milestone you’ve gone in developing your website through and easy to do and secure backup.

Updraft connects with your Google drive to enable you to store a CSV version of your website in your drive cloud. You can alternatively download the back-up file for your website to save it in offline storage. The good news is that this one allows for regular automatic backups as per your preferred settings. If you really need to feel safe with your progress as far as your WordPress website is concerned, then you got to have a regular updraft back-up file in your drive or somewhere else.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Remember the average person shall wait for your website to load for up to 8 seconds after which they look for an alternative. Now, as you advance and accumulate more and more content, the images on your website create a bulk of data that slows down your site’s loading speed.

Smush Image Compression is the plug-in to go for in this case. This plug-in offers free and premium options and shall compress your images within a few hours to ensure a fast loading website. With just a click, you get to resize and optimize all the images on your website.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Managing a website calls for a number of operations in many different sites. You very much need to get your sites Google metrics, so you can track your strengths and weaknesses as far as traffic and optimization is concerned. The Google Analytics Dashboard for WP gives you a chance to access your Google Analytics dashboard from your main WordPress dashboard.

Forget about all the hassle to have to log into multiple sites to view your real-time Google traffic, number of organic searches, statistics on the bounce rate among others. What you need to enjoy all the convenience is to install this free WordPress plug-in to your site, set it up and begin using.

Google XML Sitemaps

This is the plugin that gives search engine crawlers a roadmap to your website. Your website needs to be indexed in a better position by search engines. This plug-in lets you create your website’s sitemap and proceeds to guide you through the submitting process. Install this and get the crawlers recognizing your websites “Home”


I would be lying to business website owners if I go without mentioning the WooComerce plugin. Although Shopify comes above WordPress for this, for your own reasons, you’ve decided to go for WordPress. In this case then, you need to install WooCommerce so it can help you with the following:

It gets to help you sell products and services on your website right from affiliate products to digital and physical ones. Just install the WooCommerce plugin and you got your business flourishing.

Askimet Anti-Span

The integrity of your site gets threatened when spammers easily spam you and go unnoticed. Fish out the illegitimate comments and other spam material in your site with the help of this plug-in. Now then, how does this plug-in work?

This plug-in goes through your message to list them and keep them at bay for you to the first review. You can then later review them and determine whether they are malicious or safe for posting on your website. Remember, a safe and spam-protected website gets you a legitimate website whose integrity won’t be questioned.

Contact Form 7

 Contact forms are what lets you generate leads to your advantage. Contact Form 7 lets you easily come up with contact forms wherever you need. With this, you can easily make a contact form with an anti-spam feature such as the Recaptcha also keeps spammers at bay.


Without plug-in, WordPress is formless. The above plug-in shall make you easily sail through critical customization needs for your website. Make sure you consider the type of your website and its needs before deciding in the plug-in to choose. Remember, the use of too much plug-in makes your site slow down, hence use them efficiently and economically.

Think You Know The Website Theme? Let’s Find Out

A website’s theme communicates something about your business. The manner in which a website’s user interface is designed and the colors used shall arouse different emotions and perceptions to its visitors. The theme is what shall determine whether your website is going to be logical and therefore user-friendly or a place to visit for not more than a second.

Today, I am going to give you some pro tips that shall lead you to select a perfect theme that gets to talk out your business. Before we sink much, let’s know what this theme we’re talking about is.

So what is a theme?

A website’s theme is like the look of a physical shop. The way it looks, arranged, its styling and feel. These features that we’ve talked about are brought about by the different colors used and their patterning, the styling elements used and the scheme. This is generally all that you get to see when you visit a website. 

There are pre-built and custom website themes. The pre-built themes are the ready-made themes, either free or premiums, that you get to pick and install to function while custom themes are the ones that are created specifically for a website upon its creation. Ready to pick website themes are easy to operate but limit your customization options. A custom theme opens to your imagination to represent the exact picture you need. This talks a lot to your visitor, we better make the talk reflect our business with the below pro tips. Your theme speaks a lot to your visitor, we better make the talk reflect our business with the below pro tips.

Buy or create a mobile responsive theme

When you’re making or picking your website theme, go for a theme which response to mobile devices. Some themes look great when viewing them over a desktop, however, their design fails to adjust when it comes to mobile devices making them give a poor-design look on mobile. Remember, most of the modern population use their mobile devices more than they do with computers, hence, you have to invest big on a fully mobile responsive theme.

To assert this, take the time to try out the demo version of your to-be theme on your website. Load your website on a computer and check out how it looks, now open it again on a mobile and tablet device and observe it. If the appearance in mobile presents a poorly arranged and broken layout that distracts you from the main points of the website, then that responds poorly on mobile and vice versa. Some themes might pass a tools test but still be dismaying when it comes to real performance, you got to do the real thing.

Consider the plugins, extensions, and applications your that theme comes with

Plugins are a very critical consideration when it comes to selecting your theme. This shall depend on the kind of website to set up, a business website shall need additional plugins compared to a non-commercial website. Check for WooComerce plugins compatibility for surety of a complete theme. WordPress works well for most websites while Shopify majors and overperforms when it comes to e-commerce theme brands.

Shall your potential visitors reach your website using different browsers?

We have a number of browsers, your prospected visitors shall be having different browser preferences. What do you do in this case, do you make them use the only browser which loads your website correctly? No, you only got to choose a theme that loads fast and well in all browsers.

The first, second and third point is, you got to keep your website simple

The error for too fancy appearances with less functionality is gone. Current trends require a fast loading, simple and functional theme. This is a theme that gives the user an easy to reach and see or read a website. One that concentrates on making the main intention of the business the main point of the website that fancy complex looks which end up distracting the visitor.

S.E.O means much for traffic these days, your theme has to be “friends” with it

You got target visitors who you need to interact with this theme. The visitors are searching out for you on search engines, are they gonna find you? Or you have a theme with poor S.E.O. A theme design determines the website’s loading speed, you got to choose a precise and simple theme that loads fast and is search engine friendly.

Choose an eye-appealing design

Your visitors need to feel comfortable and at home in order to maintain them for the conversion stage. Much of how much they find peace interacting with your website depends on the harmony your style, color and features present, the lesser the distractive features, the better.

The developer’s support and guides

You’re going to use this theme over a long period of time, so should its developer. A theme needs a lot of updates and settings, sometimes, you might get to crossroads on how to handle a bug in your chosen theme. Choose a developer who is responsive and shall come to your aid any time you’re stuck. To know a developers support responsive extent, look at how long their theme has been around and even try them out. You can’t go wrong if you choose a model that has been around for a good time.

Ensure that the developer also gives a user guide in the form of a file or a page of their website.

Finally, take your time

Your new website idea might be really pressing you to launch the soonest possible. However, what is the need for launching a website that is gonna piss off the users at first sight? How effective and lasting your website shall be relying on the time you take to fully prepare for it, among the preparation process, take enough time for analyzing and selecting an ideal website theme.


If you’re gonna make your business a success from the online part, then you have to be careful with the theme you choose. A theme shall determine what your prospected user’s eye shall see, and their mind shall internalize and respond with emotions and perceptions. An ideal theme makes the user see what the whole idea of your business is and further get convinced to get reading and finally converting. The above-given tips shall let you take slow sure steps towards choosing the best website theme for your business. This shall further determine the traffic and conversion rate of your website and hence the success of your business.

Future technology – Unpredictable breakthroughs

Among the fastest-changing things in the world, is technology. With each eye blink, a number of new technological inventions have been made. This field offers high elasticity and therefore got more prospects for reaching above the sky. The amazing today’s technology leaves us with a thirst for knowing what future technology might be. Shall we be having to seat while a robot waiter serves us the dishes? For its currently washing them!

As technology goes to a higher notch, we expect both positive and negative impacts on the economy, society, and even governance. Remember, Facebook has been on the limelight for influencing a number of elections in the world, and plastics have been littering our world for a good time now. What are the effects we expect, join me as we ponder and try to find answers to our above difficult questions.

What do we mean by technology?

From the times of innovation of scientific knowledge, the world had to wait for a little while before they knew what the new discipline could bring to their lives. After the ingenious invention of the internal combustion engine and the atomic bomb, the world came to know how this science could be applied to make or destruct the world, and this application of science for practical reasons more so in the industry came to be known as Technology. So now, what is Future technology?

Future technology refers to those invented and to-be-invented scientific applications which are deemed to determine the status of technology. Most of these technologies are brainstorming and have features that won’t work in the current world but are deemed to work in an incredible future. We shall explore some of this and discover how they are going to shape the future, let’s get to work.

The future got internet in every corner of the world with the Hiber microsatellites

The Internet is struggling to topple food in the list of the basic necessities. This need is so pressing yet unavailable to some parts of the world. Its availability has been threatened by the economy and other factors. We expect complete internet connectivity in the future, thanks to the Hiber microsatellite.

The hiber company has gone a step further than google helium balloons to bring us microsatellites that shall serve the whole world with the internet. This includes small satellites, the size of a shoebox that they launch into the earth’s low orbit. So, what you need is a modem that is woken up by the satellite when it delivers the information you need. What an invention!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It would be useless for me to finish this article without mentioning AI. This silently encroaching game-changer is a bond to shape the future technology and world in general. AI is being intensified as time goes by with the incorporation of human emotions and behaviors. 

AI is moving with speed to work for us, however, some feel like it is working to overthrow us. There is a struggle by AI firms to make a fully independent functional AI which shall no longer need any human touch. I really want to see a time when robots shall be deciding, feeling and doing most of our basic day to day activities!

Everything is just a screen touch away! (IoT)

In-home technology, the future is luminous with most tech firms in the run to advance the internet of everything idea. The future is expected to sink more into systems such as Amazon’s Alexa. This is systems designed to synchronize all home appliance controls into one responsive software. The interconnections shall be wireless to use the internet. What shall be needed if a person is just a sound command using a small personal assistant? Hopefully, tech giants shall have brought this into full reality by the year 2020.

The future might not embrace our long used physical currency, what shall they be using then?

They shall use Cryptocurrency! They were introduced like a joke, now major tech top players considér it a thing. The bitcoin being among the first versions, the small fishes have come in to bring more stable versions that have the advantages the bitcoin presented plus non-fluctuating status. 

The future shall see trains adjusted to a speed of up to 760mph. Imagine 760!

In the future, and I mean the near future, we shall have the current jet-speed transferred to trains that shall be moving at a staggering 760 mph. Let’s leave it there and not talk about the future jet plane’s speed. 

Elon Musk ensures these dreams come to be with his Hy.perloop system. These trains shall draw their power from compressed air and induction motors designed to travell through vacuum tubes. A place to experiment with the idea has been identified with plans to try out the project in two years’ time have been laid. What we are waiting for is to see people travel from LA to San Francisco within a span of 35 minutes. This shall break the current rain speeds time of 7½ hours.

What do these advancements mean for the future?

With this kind of advancements in technology, the world seems promising. Now that every mind is thinking about, healthy, easy and non-toxic living, inventions such as the Hy.perloop system shall see us travel in seconds without any burning coal like the toxic ’90s.

The greatest news with technology is that its future comes really fast, hence, we shall witness the above and many many more amazing technological advancements. I shall be sniffing out for new updates on a regular basis to let us know. Do you know any amazing technological advancement that you feel is gonna change the future? Feel free to let us get updated also, bye, for now.

Should I use wordpress.com? Here is the answer

How many of you actually knew that WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two different platforms? Very few, for sure. Novices often confuse these two that usually results in them making a wrong choice, hence comes the question, ‘which amongst these two is a better platform’. To help resolve this dilemma, here’s a detailed analysis of the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The idea behind this elaborate evaluation is merely to pinpoint the basic differences between these two so that you can make a better decision meeting your requirements.  

Comparison between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

The ideal approach towards understanding the difference between these two platforms is to study each individually. 

WordPress.com- The Basic

.Com is referred to as the hosting service designed and created by Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress. Since the creator is the same, getting WordPress.com confused with the software WordPress.org is natural.

The five plans included in the hosting service WordPress.com are:

  • Free and this is a limited plan
  • Personal that seeks $36 annually
  • The premium that charges $99 annually

The business plan that asks for $299 annually

  • VIP plan that comes at $5000 per month

A detailed analysis of WordPress.com pros and cons


  • WordPress.com is the best choice for bloggers since it offers 3GB space and that too for free. Once you exceed this, you would have to switch to a paid plan and choose amongst the four options mentioned above. 
  • The second positive of opting for this platform is that you can be tension free regarding updates or any backups. WordPress.com will do this for you.


WordPress.com comes with a bag full of cons which include:

  • If you opt for the free plan, you as a user won’t be earning anything from the ads displayed on your page. 
  • With this platform, you won’t be allowed to advertise ads on your website. In case yours is a heavy traffic website, you would have to opt for their advertising program named WordAds in which you would have to share your revenue. You can avail WordAds facility if you have opted for their Premium and Business plans. 
  • If you have opted for the free plan, you won’t be able to upload any plugins. However, if you are a Business plan user, you get an option to select from compatible plugins and if you’re a business plan user, WordPress.com allows you to install plugins.
  • Another thing you are restricted with if you are a free plan user is that you can’t upload the custom theme and would have to opt from a pre-installed limited free themes catalog. While premium and business theme users can opt for premium themes and can opt for custom CSS. 
  • In case you are a business plan user, you will be able to install Google Analytics but if you are any one of the other three, you won’t be able to add Google Analytics or any other dominant tracking platform. 
  • If WordPress.com believes your website violates any of its terms of service, they would instantly delete it.
  • You won’t be offered any eCommerce feature or an integrated payment gateway.
  • Last but not least, with WordPress.com, you won’t be able to build an ant membership website. 

It’s quite evident that if you’re a free, premium or personal user, the options available are very limited or best said, negligible. However, you would have to be a business or VIP plan user to avail of advanced features that come at a high price.  

WordPress.org- The Basic

Also referred to as “The Real WordPress”, it is a prominent open-source platform that’s almost 100% free for anyone to use. All one requires to use this is a domain name and web hosting and this is the reason it is also known as self-hosted WordPress. Mentioned below is a list of pros and cons for better understanding.


  • WordPress.org gives you the option to have complete access to your website and customize it the way you want. It’s completely free and extremely uncomplicated to use. 
  • You as an owner will own the data of your website and it won’t be turned off as long as you aren’t indulged in any illegal activity. Till then you’ll be in complete control. 
  • You would have an option to add free, paid or even customized WordPress plugins or apps on your website. 
  • With an option to choose from a free or paid WordPress theme, you can customize and modify your website easily. 
  • WordPress.org gives you an option to make money by running ads on your website without having to share it with anyone. 
  • You will be offered an opportunity to run Google Analytics for tracking.
  • The self-hosted WordPress website enables you to become an online store for selling products, receive credit card payments and deliver or ship products directly from your website. 
  • Not just this, you can also build a membership site for selling memberships, courses and even put up an online community from your website. 


  • Just like other websites, you would have to pay for web hosting which initially would be around $3-$10 per month. As your website would gain prominence across the online realm, the hosting charges would automatically increase. 
  • You would have to make the updates on your portal which can simply be done with a simple click.
  • You would be responsible for the backups, but again there are oodles of backup options available that would make the procedure simple.  

Which is a better choice? WordPress.com or WordPress.org

Well, after having gone through the above-mentioned attributes of each, it is clearly evident that if you’re a blogger and not interested in making money out of your website, WordPress.com is your option. But if you are planning on minting some money out of your website, WordPress.org should be your call since the platform offers you the flexibility and freedom to enhance your website according to your whims and fancies. Our vote definitely goes to WordPress.org.

Do you feel stuck in your business? A solution is the landing pages

Having quality services or products is the first step towards achieving your business. The next step is reaching the consumers of your products & services. In the 20th century, you needed to do a lot of physical advertisements for your store, however, with the advancement in technology, the customer base has drastically changed. Landing pages are the new beast in town.

A greater percentage of people in the world spend almost all their time online, after all, who wants to spend time walking to a store while they can google out an ideal supplier who shall deliver their need right to their doorstep? This explains why online shops such as Amazon have swept the customer base or the success behind Windows. 

What the above businesses are using are landing pages, which are simple and easy to use in order to boost your almost stagnating business. So, what are landing pages and how do they achieve conversions for your business? Let us explore the whole topic step by step.

What are landing pages?

When you google out stuff, google gives you results from different top-ranking pages with links. Upon clicking on your preferred link, it redirects you to the page which contains the services you needed. This page that you are redirected to is a landing page created by a business that offers what you need.

A landing page is part of a website with a hyperlink that redirects people to the page from other pages. This page is made and customized for a single purpose, which for us is hyping your products and services. This is what shall generate leads from possible customers on google, social media and other destinations that you shall have spread your page’s hyperlink.

There are many types of landing pages based on your business needs, some of them are:

1. Sales & pitch pages

This landing page is created with the sole intention of converting the redirected visitor into a buyer. The page is designed to have persuasive and attractive features that might lead the visitor into buying a product or service. There is usually a link for leading a convinced mind to the buying process, a good example is an amazon product page.

The pitch page differs from the sales one slightly since it concentrates more on hyping the product that generating leads.

2. Click through & Squeeze pages

Click-through landing pages highlight the benefits of a product then further encourages the visitor to click for further redirect to the product. It might be aiming at initiating calls and sending mails to the service provider.

The Squeeze pages slightly differ from the sales-oriented ones. Have you visited a web page that prompts you to enter your contact details before it gives you access to the hidden content you’re looking for? Then you aren’t new to squeeze pages that gather your contact information before allowing you to proceed to the main content.

3. Lead capture pages

This one is aimed at collecting and maintaining contact with potential customers for your product or service. When a page offers to send you an email with a free newsletter as long as you type in and confirm your email address, then it is a lead capture page. This maintains your potential customer’s contact information, you then send promotional messages that might drive the person into buying your product or service.

What calls for a landing page?

Having a website for your business is a great step to improving your online visibility. However, we are dealing with people who offer us their attention for seconds, the main website contains lots of products & services, so, the possibilities are that we are going to confuse this person and lose his attention before we convince him or her to buy. 

What about when we create a specific page for our product and create content that captures the customer’s attention in less than 3 seconds and engages them for more time to finally covert their interest from reading to a strong buying affinity? Do you see what I mean? And by the way, did you know that an average person has a 7-8 seconds attention last? Now you know, and for that reason, work out how you’re gonna glue the customer to your page within the first 8 seconds.

Advantages – What fresh thing do landing pages bring to your business?

Landing pages come in handy when:

  • You need to collect more website subscribers who are permanent potential customers with constant access to all your offers.
  • For hyping offers for some products, such as the time you got flash sales. Have you heard of Black Friday sales? Then you know what I am talking about.
  • Strengthening your online stretch through the hyperlink. You can make efforts to spread your link widely, this is the same as a wide physical advertisement.
  • When you want to increase specific e-book downloads.
  • When you want to let people know about a certain product.
  • Plus many other creative business actions you can come up with to promote your business sales.


Landing pages might seem a too much-hyped way for promoting your business, but believe me that this is the easiest and most convenient way to go for any modern business.

Consider the amount of dependency you have for the internet, that is the same for most people in this digital high-tech generation. If you create a quality persuasive landing page and optimize it for search engines, then great possibilities are that someone searching for a product or service you offer is going to land on your page, and if you’re well organized there, then, congratulations! You just made your first sale through a landing page!

Rites into womanhood


The sun bore down on Mureru, a Barabaig village in the Rift Valley plains of northern Tanzania. Here for over hundreds of years, the nomadic Barabaig tribe has herded their cattle on the volcanic highlands. Here the traditions have continued that have allowed for the survival of the Barabaig cultural identify.

In Mureru a ritual was about to take place that twelve year old Uda had long yearned for. It was her day for the rite of passage into womanhood. This day Uda would join the sisterhood of women and become available to be taken as a wife.

The tribeswomen formed a chain as they gathered inside the boma. They chanted their homage to Udaemselga, the female deity, guardian of the earth and steward of womankind.

Uda, her head held high, broke through the chain to enter the ceremonial hut. She lay on the grass mat.

Her mother and grandmother cradled her in their arm. Her co-mothers held her splayed legs. The circumciser raised the ritual razor, sliced her clitoris and scraped her inner lips.

Uda screamed in shock. Blood coursed down her legs. Tears streaked her face. She gasped and stifled her cries. Never would she dishonour her mother by showing her pain.

The mid-wife pulled the awl from her blood spattered leather apron and stitched the edges of the ragged flesh.

Uda heard the ululating of the tribeswomen as they celebrated her rite into woman hood.

Written by mamalinda

Indigenous Women Opt for Sustainable Integrated Agriculture

Farmer-Grazer Conflict Mitigated in the The North West Region of Cameroon

“I am a pure indigenous Mbororo woman and I think we need to also engage in leading our communities towards sustainable development like the case of other non indigenous women groups”. Madam Wanshi Cusumin is leader of an indigenous women led Community Based Organization called Akeh Fulanis Mbororo Women Farmer/Grazer Common Initiative Group (AFMWFG-CIG). The group was founded on the 8th of August, 2001, in Akeh village. It has a current membership of at least 30 indigenous women. The CBO has as main objective “promotion of livestock production and farming activities amongst the indigenous Mbororo women”.
Akeh village is an enclave community of indigenous Fulani Mbororo whose main method of subsistence is livestock rearing. The population is about 1500 persons. Akeh is found in Belo Subdivision of the Bamenda highlands region of Cameroon and is more accessible through Oku in Bui Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. Vehicles cannot get to Akeh during most of the year especially the rainy season because the roads are not always maintained. The neighboring villagers are non pastoralists and have often been conflicting with the Fulani especially when animals graze on their farmland. Over the years the Mbororo groups have been settling in this village in an attempt to solve some of the problems associated to mobility especially those resulting from the Cameroon land tenure system.
They are mainly Muslims with a few animists and believe in community life. “We are united by very strong family, and cultural bonds. We are each other’s keeper and the keepers of our lands” says Wanshi. They also work as a team towards their subsistent lifestyle. “We often migrate to other villages for the purpose of grazing our animals and believe that our animals are part of our life and keeping animals is a tradition that has been handed over to us from one generation to another and we have to protect this culture” added Julie Oumaru, a prominent indigene from the community who equally works as a community radio broadcaster for the indigenous people. In reality the people now believe that they can be stronger if they make maximum sustainable use of the natural resources around to sustain their community and family life.
‘We believe that women involvement in the livelihood of the community will empower us since they are directly responsible for taking care of the households when the men are out grazing the animals in the fields” Mrs. Wanshi added. “We are usually in conflicts with non-indigenous groups because our animals often consume their crops. We have also been migrating from one location to another to get pasture and water for the animals and most often we are not accepted since we do not have direct access to land like the other tribes” she continued. “We also face problems of having other food supplies from farming activities since traditionally we are not a farming community”.
They always need to buy food crops from the neighboring communities. These are often sold at expensive rates and at times they need to also move to distant locations to have these commodities. Women are not usually involved in animal rearing and grazing but they can care for the families. They have also been facing challenges due to state laws regarding pasture management such as the forestry law against burning of grass for regeneration. These problems are further complicated because of the high illiteracy level in the group. Very few members gain formal education, and the females are often more victimized.
To solve these problems they have decided to settle down and involve in more beneficial ways of using the animals. “We have decided to practice improved and environmentally friendly agriculture to provide for our food needs” quoted Julie. “We think that women involvement in agriculture will help support the men who are involved in animal rearing. This will make us to further build stronger, healthier families and communities while preventing the conflicts we have been having with other communities and with environmentalists” he further reiterated. Since they started practicing a settled lifestyle they have also been in peace and harmony with the neigbours.
In a meeting with a volunteer from SOPISDEW NGO in the Oku community, they identified the different ways of solving these problems by themselves. This led to the development of a project. “Our project will engage Mbororo women in Akeh to practice integrated sustainable agriculture and livestock production” Wanshi explained. “We will construct night paddocks for the animals. We will also plant fodder grass within some of the paddocks to serve as food for the animals especially during the dry season. More women will be offered hands-on training to practice organic farming using animal dung. A demonstration plot will also be developed so that others will learn from it. This plot will also serve to multiply some improved seeds that will be used by many families in their individual plots” she further justified.
SOPISDEW NGO will provide free technical support for the project while they will manage it within their time and means. Their group will offer material contribution for the project and will also engage those who have experience in the community to volunteer for the project. They will also share the project ideas with other distant communities through their member who is a native broadcaster using for their dialect over the Oku Community Radio.
The paddocks will reduce farmer-grazer conflicts with the neighboring communities. They will also provide rich organic manure for farming of the crops. The fodder grass and crop wastes such as maize stalks will provide food for the animals (mostly cattle, goats and sheep). Since they will also be able to produce their own food crops, this will reduce community mobility and increase food supplies and income for the families. Multiplied seeds will increase access to quality farm inputs in the community. The project will benefit at least 30 Fulani Bororo women representing at least 30 families in the community.
“We are just hoping that the combined efforts of our partners like SOPISDEW NGO will boost our ideas. At this stage we have part of the resources required for the project and we need more support to realize this dream” Mrs. Wanshi concluded.
SOPISDEW is dedicated to working closely with this community over the next years to guide them towards their success. “We believe that the indigenous peoples have a right over their destiny. We can only accompany them towards the realization of their sustained cultures and traditions over the years as this is what makes the world so diverse that we feel so much excited about being part of it” added Mr. Tah Kennette Konsum, coordinator of the local support organization.
Climate change is one of the most challenging problems faced by this group. Grazing is becoming a nightmare as the environment becomes degraded by the same activity. In the next future, if improved drought tolerant pasture is introduced, this will help sustain the livelihood of this fragile population.

Written by SOPISDEW

The Children of Ramogi

A short history of the River-Lake Nilotes

The Luo are a proud Nilotic people, originally from the Wau region in Southern Sudan. They migrated into Western Kenya via today’s Eastern Uganda and settled on the shores of Lake Victoria.

The Luo consist of 27 sub-groups, each in turn sub divided into clans. However, they’ve always enjoyed a tight-knit society, with leadership from ‘ruothi’ or kings.

The staple diet of the Luo is fish, especially Tilapia and ‘kuon’ (maize meal).

Written by Douglas Odhiambo