Your New WordPress Website Need These Plugins

Your New WordPress Website Need These Plugins

For any new WordPress website, key plugins such as the Yoast is what spices up the website to make it fully interactive and scope oriented. What is needed for this plug-in is just a simple click to install and setup operation?

That seems simple, but you got to take your time and analyze your website type, and its needs. A business website, for example, shall need its own unique plug-in that a simple personal website could do without. 

There are a number of plugins available with free or paid plans and developed by different publishers. Each function you need to perform on your WordPress website shall have a number of plugins waiting to bail you out. However, you need to do some extra research to decide on the best type to go with for your website. Today, I take the time to reveal to you the top best WordPress plugins that are a must-have for your website. Let’s get to the task.

Yoast S.E.O

For a WordPress website owner to administrator and publisher, on-page optimization doesn’t sound complete without the inclusion of Yoast S.E.O plug-in. This easy-to-use plug-in makes sure you nail all the on-page optimization that shall see you rank better and also ensure a user-friendly experience.

The plug-in guides you through the whole process by checking and identifying on-page S.E.O glitches in your drafts including readability analysis to ensure you got your text flowing logically to guide the reader, some of the issues it highlights are; Your sentence length, you’re heading distribution and paragraph alignment among many.

The S.E.O analysis highlights some on-page S.E.O issues on your drafts. It checks to ensure you nail the text length, keyword distribution, images and their alt tag inclusion among others. This is truly a plug-in a serious website should not miss.

Use WP Super Cache to speed up your website

WP Super cache the WordPress plugin to speed up your website. The traffic of your website shall very much rely on how fast your website loads. This free plugin gives the webserver access to an easy static HTML version of your slow WordPress PHP scripts. The result is a faster speed hence reduced the bounce rate of visitors.

Updraft WordPress Back-up

I consider updraft one of the most important WordPress plugin due to its function. This plug-in ensures you got insurance of the milestone you’ve gone in developing your website through and easy to do and secure backup.

Updraft connects with your Google drive to enable you to store a CSV version of your website in your drive cloud. You can alternatively download the back-up file for your website to save it in offline storage. The good news is that this one allows for regular automatic backups as per your preferred settings. If you really need to feel safe with your progress as far as your WordPress website is concerned, then you got to have a regular updraft back-up file in your drive or somewhere else.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Remember the average person shall wait for your website to load for up to 8 seconds after which they look for an alternative. Now, as you advance and accumulate more and more content, the images on your website create a bulk of data that slows down your site’s loading speed.

Smush Image Compression is the plug-in to go for in this case. This plug-in offers free and premium options and shall compress your images within a few hours to ensure a fast loading website. With just a click, you get to resize and optimize all the images on your website.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Managing a website calls for a number of operations in many different sites. You very much need to get your sites Google metrics, so you can track your strengths and weaknesses as far as traffic and optimization is concerned. The Google Analytics Dashboard for WP gives you a chance to access your Google Analytics dashboard from your main WordPress dashboard.

Forget about all the hassle to have to log into multiple sites to view your real-time Google traffic, number of organic searches, statistics on the bounce rate among others. What you need to enjoy all the convenience is to install this free WordPress plug-in to your site, set it up and begin using.

Google XML Sitemaps

This is the plugin that gives search engine crawlers a roadmap to your website. Your website needs to be indexed in a better position by search engines. This plug-in lets you create your website’s sitemap and proceeds to guide you through the submitting process. Install this and get the crawlers recognizing your websites “Home”


I would be lying to business website owners if I go without mentioning the WooComerce plugin. Although Shopify comes above WordPress for this, for your own reasons, you’ve decided to go for WordPress. In this case then, you need to install WooCommerce so it can help you with the following:

It gets to help you sell products and services on your website right from affiliate products to digital and physical ones. Just install the WooCommerce plugin and you got your business flourishing.

Askimet Anti-Span

The integrity of your site gets threatened when spammers easily spam you and go unnoticed. Fish out the illegitimate comments and other spam material in your site with the help of this plug-in. Now then, how does this plug-in work?

This plug-in goes through your message to list them and keep them at bay for you to the first review. You can then later review them and determine whether they are malicious or safe for posting on your website. Remember, a safe and spam-protected website gets you a legitimate website whose integrity won’t be questioned.

Contact Form 7

 Contact forms are what lets you generate leads to your advantage. Contact Form 7 lets you easily come up with contact forms wherever you need. With this, you can easily make a contact form with an anti-spam feature such as the Recaptcha also keeps spammers at bay.


Without plug-in, WordPress is formless. The above plug-in shall make you easily sail through critical customization needs for your website. Make sure you consider the type of your website and its needs before deciding in the plug-in to choose. Remember, the use of too much plug-in makes your site slow down, hence use them efficiently and economically.