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What are the applications of GPS in the Automotive Industry

What are the applications of GPS in the Automotive Industry

After leaving out hard maps and campuses, navigation became even easier with technologies such as GPS. The touch screen radio fixed to your dashboard is what carries your GPS receiver. Now then, how important is the GPS to you and your vehicle? Before we sink into answering these questions, let us first familiarize ourselves with the below prime words.

What is the touch screen radio?

This is a stereo device with a display that senses and responds to touch. This device is fixed to a vehicle’s dashboard and helps out in many convenience functionalities including the GPS navigation system, the radio, and media player, a Bluetooth receiver and many more features depending on the model.

What is GPS?

Orbiting the earth is a collection of about 30 satellites which make up the global positioning system (GPS) When you have a GPS receiver, be it a mobile phone or a touch screen radio, the satellites work together to determine your location and send back signals that travel at the speed of light. That is how your radio’s display shows a GPS map with your location.

Other than the touch screen radio which displays your GPS location and navigation, a GPS meant for vehicle racking reasons can be installed anywhere on the vehicle, especially hidden places for camo. So, now that we know what a touch screen radio and GPS are, let us now explore some of the important uses of a GPS in a vehicle.

1. Navigation

You are that genius to keep a record of all the roads you might want to use including new routes. A GPS receiver comes in when you are stuck to display your location on the radio touch display. You can have it marking your rout and keeping you n track through moving along with you. I am sure most of you have used the GPS navigation system of their car at least once. As long as you got that GPS receiver and you know the place you are going, just set your GPS through the radio touch display and get moving, isn’t that amazing?

During navigation, GPS presents you with amazing route flexibility through providing alternatives. For instance, if you’ve gone a wrong way, instead of going back, the GPS shall instantly find a rout that reconnects to your main channel.

2. For an antitheft and secure vehicle

Vehicles are a common target for bandits. Employers might want to know the location of their vehicles. The GPS system can easily be used to identify the location of a stolen vehicle that is if the vehicle had a GPS tracker. Amazingly, the GPS location of a phone in a vehicle can also be used to identify the location of the vehicle.

3. Important weather and traffic alerts

As you navigate using your GPS in reading the weather and traffic patterns of the place you are or going to in real-time. What this means is that you get updated with crucial weather or traffic status which allows you to prepare in advance. You might have to dodge a road with traffic jams or slow down your speed and use the lights in a fog covered road.

Quick vehicle recovery

In case a vehicle with a GPS tracking system gets stolen it shall be easy to locate and find it. The more time you take to recover a vehicle, the more the chance that you’re gonna find only the parts. A GPS ensures that you reach your vehicle before t is turned into spares.

Easy fleet management

For the owner’s fleets of vehicles, the management of each vehicle can be tough. However, with the GGPS technology, you get to know which vehicle is at what point and at what time. For instance, vehicle sellers use GPS to know the location of a particular vehicle in a fleet.

Fast and efficient emergency response

You might be in the middle of nowhere with a failed vehicle. In such a circumstance, your GPS shall help you know our exact location and also call for help with exact location information. Now, assume that there was no GPS, how do you get help? You shall have to wave down a good Samaritan before opportunist people or animals fall on you.


When the GPS receiver software is installed on your touch screen radio, then you are safe secure and on track. I cannot imagine how life might have been without GPS technology for the part of vehicles. Picture a driver pulling up to ask a pedestrian about his or her destination and consequently afterward following it with little success! Or a vehicle getting completely lost from its parking position without any tracking clue left to the owner. The GPS is one time saving and efficiency improvement inventions that are serving this error and shall serve the future in a more developed and smatter way.