Think You Know The Website Theme? Let’s Find Out

Think You Know The Website Theme? Let’s Find Out

A website’s theme communicates something about your business. The manner in which a website’s user interface is designed and the colors used shall arouse different emotions and perceptions to its visitors. The theme is what shall determine whether your website is going to be logical and therefore user-friendly or a place to visit for not more than a second.

Today, I am going to give you some pro tips that shall lead you to select a perfect theme that gets to talk out your business. Before we sink much, let’s know what this theme we’re talking about is.

So what is a theme?

A website’s theme is like the look of a physical shop. The way it looks, arranged, its styling and feel. These features that we’ve talked about are brought about by the different colors used and their patterning, the styling elements used and the scheme. This is generally all that you get to see when you visit a website. 

There are pre-built and custom website themes. The pre-built themes are the ready-made themes, either free or premiums, that you get to pick and install to function while custom themes are the ones that are created specifically for a website upon its creation. Ready to pick website themes are easy to operate but limit your customization options. A custom theme opens to your imagination to represent the exact picture you need. This talks a lot to your visitor, we better make the talk reflect our business with the below pro tips. Your theme speaks a lot to your visitor, we better make the talk reflect our business with the below pro tips.

Buy or create a mobile responsive theme

When you’re making or picking your website theme, go for a theme which response to mobile devices. Some themes look great when viewing them over a desktop, however, their design fails to adjust when it comes to mobile devices making them give a poor-design look on mobile. Remember, most of the modern population use their mobile devices more than they do with computers, hence, you have to invest big on a fully mobile responsive theme.

To assert this, take the time to try out the demo version of your to-be theme on your website. Load your website on a computer and check out how it looks, now open it again on a mobile and tablet device and observe it. If the appearance in mobile presents a poorly arranged and broken layout that distracts you from the main points of the website, then that responds poorly on mobile and vice versa. Some themes might pass a tools test but still be dismaying when it comes to real performance, you got to do the real thing.

Consider the plugins, extensions, and applications your that theme comes with

Plugins are a very critical consideration when it comes to selecting your theme. This shall depend on the kind of website to set up, a business website shall need additional plugins compared to a non-commercial website. Check for WooComerce plugins compatibility for surety of a complete theme. WordPress works well for most websites while Shopify majors and overperforms when it comes to e-commerce theme brands.

Shall your potential visitors reach your website using different browsers?

We have a number of browsers, your prospected visitors shall be having different browser preferences. What do you do in this case, do you make them use the only browser which loads your website correctly? No, you only got to choose a theme that loads fast and well in all browsers.

The first, second and third point is, you got to keep your website simple

The error for too fancy appearances with less functionality is gone. Current trends require a fast loading, simple and functional theme. This is a theme that gives the user an easy to reach and see or read a website. One that concentrates on making the main intention of the business the main point of the website that fancy complex looks which end up distracting the visitor.

S.E.O means much for traffic these days, your theme has to be “friends” with it

You got target visitors who you need to interact with this theme. The visitors are searching out for you on search engines, are they gonna find you? Or you have a theme with poor S.E.O. A theme design determines the website’s loading speed, you got to choose a precise and simple theme that loads fast and is search engine friendly.

Choose an eye-appealing design

Your visitors need to feel comfortable and at home in order to maintain them for the conversion stage. Much of how much they find peace interacting with your website depends on the harmony your style, color and features present, the lesser the distractive features, the better.

The developer’s support and guides

You’re going to use this theme over a long period of time, so should its developer. A theme needs a lot of updates and settings, sometimes, you might get to crossroads on how to handle a bug in your chosen theme. Choose a developer who is responsive and shall come to your aid any time you’re stuck. To know a developers support responsive extent, look at how long their theme has been around and even try them out. You can’t go wrong if you choose a model that has been around for a good time.

Ensure that the developer also gives a user guide in the form of a file or a page of their website.

Finally, take your time

Your new website idea might be really pressing you to launch the soonest possible. However, what is the need for launching a website that is gonna piss off the users at first sight? How effective and lasting your website shall be relying on the time you take to fully prepare for it, among the preparation process, take enough time for analyzing and selecting an ideal website theme.


If you’re gonna make your business a success from the online part, then you have to be careful with the theme you choose. A theme shall determine what your prospected user’s eye shall see, and their mind shall internalize and respond with emotions and perceptions. An ideal theme makes the user see what the whole idea of your business is and further get convinced to get reading and finally converting. The above-given tips shall let you take slow sure steps towards choosing the best website theme for your business. This shall further determine the traffic and conversion rate of your website and hence the success of your business.