Should I use Here is the answer

Should I use Here is the answer

How many of you actually knew that and are two different platforms? Very few, for sure. Novices often confuse these two that usually results in them making a wrong choice, hence comes the question, ‘which amongst these two is a better platform’. To help resolve this dilemma, here’s a detailed analysis of the difference between and The idea behind this elaborate evaluation is merely to pinpoint the basic differences between these two so that you can make a better decision meeting your requirements.  

Comparison between and

The ideal approach towards understanding the difference between these two platforms is to study each individually. The Basic

.Com is referred to as the hosting service designed and created by Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress. Since the creator is the same, getting confused with the software is natural.

The five plans included in the hosting service are:

  • Free and this is a limited plan
  • Personal that seeks $36 annually
  • The premium that charges $99 annually

The business plan that asks for $299 annually

  • VIP plan that comes at $5000 per month

A detailed analysis of pros and cons


  • is the best choice for bloggers since it offers 3GB space and that too for free. Once you exceed this, you would have to switch to a paid plan and choose amongst the four options mentioned above. 
  • The second positive of opting for this platform is that you can be tension free regarding updates or any backups. will do this for you.

Cons comes with a bag full of cons which include:

  • If you opt for the free plan, you as a user won’t be earning anything from the ads displayed on your page. 
  • With this platform, you won’t be allowed to advertise ads on your website. In case yours is a heavy traffic website, you would have to opt for their advertising program named WordAds in which you would have to share your revenue. You can avail WordAds facility if you have opted for their Premium and Business plans. 
  • If you have opted for the free plan, you won’t be able to upload any plugins. However, if you are a Business plan user, you get an option to select from compatible plugins and if you’re a business plan user, allows you to install plugins.
  • Another thing you are restricted with if you are a free plan user is that you can’t upload the custom theme and would have to opt from a pre-installed limited free themes catalog. While premium and business theme users can opt for premium themes and can opt for custom CSS. 
  • In case you are a business plan user, you will be able to install Google Analytics but if you are any one of the other three, you won’t be able to add Google Analytics or any other dominant tracking platform. 
  • If believes your website violates any of its terms of service, they would instantly delete it.
  • You won’t be offered any eCommerce feature or an integrated payment gateway.
  • Last but not least, with, you won’t be able to build an ant membership website. 

It’s quite evident that if you’re a free, premium or personal user, the options available are very limited or best said, negligible. However, you would have to be a business or VIP plan user to avail of advanced features that come at a high price. The Basic

Also referred to as “The Real WordPress”, it is a prominent open-source platform that’s almost 100% free for anyone to use. All one requires to use this is a domain name and web hosting and this is the reason it is also known as self-hosted WordPress. Mentioned below is a list of pros and cons for better understanding.


  • gives you the option to have complete access to your website and customize it the way you want. It’s completely free and extremely uncomplicated to use. 
  • You as an owner will own the data of your website and it won’t be turned off as long as you aren’t indulged in any illegal activity. Till then you’ll be in complete control. 
  • You would have an option to add free, paid or even customized WordPress plugins or apps on your website. 
  • With an option to choose from a free or paid WordPress theme, you can customize and modify your website easily. 
  • gives you an option to make money by running ads on your website without having to share it with anyone. 
  • You will be offered an opportunity to run Google Analytics for tracking.
  • The self-hosted WordPress website enables you to become an online store for selling products, receive credit card payments and deliver or ship products directly from your website. 
  • Not just this, you can also build a membership site for selling memberships, courses and even put up an online community from your website. 


  • Just like other websites, you would have to pay for web hosting which initially would be around $3-$10 per month. As your website would gain prominence across the online realm, the hosting charges would automatically increase. 
  • You would have to make the updates on your portal which can simply be done with a simple click.
  • You would be responsible for the backups, but again there are oodles of backup options available that would make the procedure simple.  

Which is a better choice? or

Well, after having gone through the above-mentioned attributes of each, it is clearly evident that if you’re a blogger and not interested in making money out of your website, is your option. But if you are planning on minting some money out of your website, should be your call since the platform offers you the flexibility and freedom to enhance your website according to your whims and fancies. Our vote definitely goes to