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Future technology – Unpredictable breakthroughs

Future technology – Unpredictable breakthroughs

Among the fastest-changing things in the world, is technology. With each eye blink, a number of new technological inventions have been made. This field offers high elasticity and therefore got more prospects for reaching above the sky. The amazing today’s technology leaves us with a thirst for knowing what future technology might be. Shall we be having to seat while a robot waiter serves us the dishes? For its currently washing them!

As technology goes to a higher notch, we expect both positive and negative impacts on the economy, society, and even governance. Remember, Facebook has been on the limelight for influencing a number of elections in the world, and plastics have been littering our world for a good time now. What are the effects we expect, join me as we ponder and try to find answers to our above difficult questions.

What do we mean by technology?

From the times of innovation of scientific knowledge, the world had to wait for a little while before they knew what the new discipline could bring to their lives. After the ingenious invention of the internal combustion engine and the atomic bomb, the world came to know how this science could be applied to make or destruct the world, and this application of science for practical reasons more so in the industry came to be known as Technology. So now, what is Future technology?

Future technology refers to those invented and to-be-invented scientific applications which are deemed to determine the status of technology. Most of these technologies are brainstorming and have features that won’t work in the current world but are deemed to work in an incredible future. We shall explore some of this and discover how they are going to shape the future, let’s get to work.

The future got internet in every corner of the world with the Hiber microsatellites

The Internet is struggling to topple food in the list of the basic necessities. This need is so pressing yet unavailable to some parts of the world. Its availability has been threatened by the economy and other factors. We expect complete internet connectivity in the future, thanks to the Hiber microsatellite.

The hiber company has gone a step further than google helium balloons to bring us microsatellites that shall serve the whole world with the internet. This includes small satellites, the size of a shoebox that they launch into the earth’s low orbit. So, what you need is a modem that is woken up by the satellite when it delivers the information you need. What an invention!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It would be useless for me to finish this article without mentioning AI. This silently encroaching game-changer is a bond to shape the future technology and world in general. AI is being intensified as time goes by with the incorporation of human emotions and behaviors. 

AI is moving with speed to work for us, however, some feel like it is working to overthrow us. There is a struggle by AI firms to make a fully independent functional AI which shall no longer need any human touch. I really want to see a time when robots shall be deciding, feeling and doing most of our basic day to day activities!

Everything is just a screen touch away! (IoT)

In-home technology, the future is luminous with most tech firms in the run to advance the internet of everything idea. The future is expected to sink more into systems such as Amazon’s Alexa. This is systems designed to synchronize all home appliance controls into one responsive software. The interconnections shall be wireless to use the internet. What shall be needed if a person is just a sound command using a small personal assistant? Hopefully, tech giants shall have brought this into full reality by the year 2020.

The future might not embrace our long used physical currency, what shall they be using then?

They shall use Cryptocurrency! They were introduced like a joke, now major tech top players considér it a thing. The bitcoin being among the first versions, the small fishes have come in to bring more stable versions that have the advantages the bitcoin presented plus non-fluctuating status. 

The future shall see trains adjusted to a speed of up to 760mph. Imagine 760!

In the future, and I mean the near future, we shall have the current jet-speed transferred to trains that shall be moving at a staggering 760 mph. Let’s leave it there and not talk about the future jet plane’s speed. 

Elon Musk ensures these dreams come to be with his Hy.perloop system. These trains shall draw their power from compressed air and induction motors designed to travell through vacuum tubes. A place to experiment with the idea has been identified with plans to try out the project in two years’ time have been laid. What we are waiting for is to see people travel from LA to San Francisco within a span of 35 minutes. This shall break the current rain speeds time of 7½ hours.

What do these advancements mean for the future?

With this kind of advancements in technology, the world seems promising. Now that every mind is thinking about, healthy, easy and non-toxic living, inventions such as the Hy.perloop system shall see us travel in seconds without any burning coal like the toxic ’90s.

The greatest news with technology is that its future comes really fast, hence, we shall witness the above and many many more amazing technological advancements. I shall be sniffing out for new updates on a regular basis to let us know. Do you know any amazing technological advancement that you feel is gonna change the future? Feel free to let us get updated also, bye, for now.