Do you feel stuck in your business? A solution is the landing pages

Do you feel stuck in your business? A solution is the landing pages

Having quality services or products is the first step towards achieving your business. The next step is reaching the consumers of your products & services. In the 20th century, you needed to do a lot of physical advertisements for your store, however, with the advancement in technology, the customer base has drastically changed. Landing pages are the new beast in town.

A greater percentage of people in the world spend almost all their time online, after all, who wants to spend time walking to a store while they can google out an ideal supplier who shall deliver their need right to their doorstep? This explains why online shops such as Amazon have swept the customer base or the success behind Windows. 

What the above businesses are using are landing pages, which are simple and easy to use in order to boost your almost stagnating business. So, what are landing pages and how do they achieve conversions for your business? Let us explore the whole topic step by step.

What are landing pages?

When you google out stuff, google gives you results from different top-ranking pages with links. Upon clicking on your preferred link, it redirects you to the page which contains the services you needed. This page that you are redirected to is a landing page created by a business that offers what you need.

A landing page is part of a website with a hyperlink that redirects people to the page from other pages. This page is made and customized for a single purpose, which for us is hyping your products and services. This is what shall generate leads from possible customers on google, social media and other destinations that you shall have spread your page’s hyperlink.

There are many types of landing pages based on your business needs, some of them are:

1. Sales & pitch pages

This landing page is created with the sole intention of converting the redirected visitor into a buyer. The page is designed to have persuasive and attractive features that might lead the visitor into buying a product or service. There is usually a link for leading a convinced mind to the buying process, a good example is an amazon product page.

The pitch page differs from the sales one slightly since it concentrates more on hyping the product that generating leads.

2. Click through & Squeeze pages

Click-through landing pages highlight the benefits of a product then further encourages the visitor to click for further redirect to the product. It might be aiming at initiating calls and sending mails to the service provider.

The Squeeze pages slightly differ from the sales-oriented ones. Have you visited a web page that prompts you to enter your contact details before it gives you access to the hidden content you’re looking for? Then you aren’t new to squeeze pages that gather your contact information before allowing you to proceed to the main content.

3. Lead capture pages

This one is aimed at collecting and maintaining contact with potential customers for your product or service. When a page offers to send you an email with a free newsletter as long as you type in and confirm your email address, then it is a lead capture page. This maintains your potential customer’s contact information, you then send promotional messages that might drive the person into buying your product or service.

What calls for a landing page?

Having a website for your business is a great step to improving your online visibility. However, we are dealing with people who offer us their attention for seconds, the main website contains lots of products & services, so, the possibilities are that we are going to confuse this person and lose his attention before we convince him or her to buy. 

What about when we create a specific page for our product and create content that captures the customer’s attention in less than 3 seconds and engages them for more time to finally covert their interest from reading to a strong buying affinity? Do you see what I mean? And by the way, did you know that an average person has a 7-8 seconds attention last? Now you know, and for that reason, work out how you’re gonna glue the customer to your page within the first 8 seconds.

Advantages – What fresh thing do landing pages bring to your business?

Landing pages come in handy when:

  • You need to collect more website subscribers who are permanent potential customers with constant access to all your offers.
  • For hyping offers for some products, such as the time you got flash sales. Have you heard of Black Friday sales? Then you know what I am talking about.
  • Strengthening your online stretch through the hyperlink. You can make efforts to spread your link widely, this is the same as a wide physical advertisement.
  • When you want to increase specific e-book downloads.
  • When you want to let people know about a certain product.
  • Plus many other creative business actions you can come up with to promote your business sales.


Landing pages might seem a too much-hyped way for promoting your business, but believe me that this is the easiest and most convenient way to go for any modern business.

Consider the amount of dependency you have for the internet, that is the same for most people in this digital high-tech generation. If you create a quality persuasive landing page and optimize it for search engines, then great possibilities are that someone searching for a product or service you offer is going to land on your page, and if you’re well organized there, then, congratulations! You just made your first sale through a landing page!