Your New WordPress Website Need These Plugins

For any new WordPress website, key plugins such as the Yoast is what spices up the website to make it fully interactive and scope oriented. What is needed for this plug-in is just a simple click to install and setup operation? That seems simple, but you got to take your time and analyze your website type, and its needs. A […]

Think You Know The Website Theme? Let’s Find Out

A website’s theme communicates something about your business. The manner in which a website’s user interface is designed and the colors used shall arouse different emotions and perceptions to its visitors. The theme is what shall determine whether your website is going to be logical and therefore user-friendly or a place to visit for not more than a second. Today, […]

Should I use Here is the answer

How many of you actually knew that and are two different platforms? Very few, for sure. Novices often confuse these two that usually results in them making a wrong choice, hence comes the question, ‘which amongst these two is a better platform’. To help resolve this dilemma, here’s a detailed analysis of the difference between and […]