Technology in Schools – a Habit to Take in Belgium

During the first edition of an annual international symposium dedicated to digital education and research, Educode brings up to date the importance of integrating digital technology in schools. “How can we face the digital revolution”, asks Nicolas Pettiaux, at the origin of this international gathering that will take place on 27, 28 and 29 August. Educode is the starting point […]

How technology is changing the Automobile industry forever

Like any other industry, the automobile business has never remained in the same place, with new technology re-shaping the manufacturing, running and maintenance of cars. Technological innovations have pushed the industries into new eras of technology. With the advancements in technology, the impact of technological innovations on automobile industry will continue to rise.  The influence of technology has already prompted […]

Rites into womanhood

Uda The sun bore down on Mureru, a Barabaig village in the Rift Valley plains of northern Tanzania. Here for over hundreds of years, the nomadic Barabaig tribe has herded their cattle on the volcanic highlands. Here the traditions have continued that have allowed for the survival of the Barabaig cultural identify. In Mureru a ritual was about to take […]

Indigenous Women Opt for Sustainable Integrated Agriculture

Farmer-Grazer Conflict Mitigated in the The North West Region of Cameroon “I am a pure indigenous Mbororo woman and I think we need to also engage in leading our communities towards sustainable development like the case of other non indigenous women groups”. Madam Wanshi Cusumin is leader of an indigenous women led Community Based Organization called Akeh Fulanis Mbororo Women […]

The Children of Ramogi

A short history of the River-Lake Nilotes The Luo are a proud Nilotic people, originally from the Wau region in Southern Sudan. They migrated into Western Kenya via today’s Eastern Uganda and settled on the shores of Lake Victoria. The Luo consist of 27 sub-groups, each in turn sub divided into clans. However, they’ve always enjoyed a tight-knit society, with […]